Restaurant Director: Jenn Lin
Passionate and Determined

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Jenn was under the influence of her father’s constant craving for great food. He used to take the whole family traveling around to taste and try new places at every chance he got. Which helped Jenn grow a strong obsession with food and hospitality.

Jenn studied at a culinary school, Le cordon bleu, in Boston. Learning the ins and outs of different types of restaurants both in front and back of house. She takes her culinary experiences and a simple hopeful dream to start something new back home because of her love for food and her homeland Taiwan.

You can see her personality in every detail of the restaurant. She wants to build a restaurant that not only the guests would love to come back to all the time but also the staff would be enthusiastic to come to work everyday.

.Le Cordon Bleu Boston
.Craigie on Main
.Oya Boston
.Bar Boulud Boston

行政主廚 Guchi
將一件事 做到最好

Chef Guchi was born in Shizuoka, Japan. At the age of 22, he was transferred to Boston, Massachusettes in the US. He worked in many different restaurants before he started working with Chef Tim Cushman. He helped Chef Cushman open Oya Boston, and saw it become the most successful modern Japanese restaurant there. During his time as the sushi chef in Oya Boston. He started a ramen pop-up project named “Guchi’s midnight ramen”, as the name suggests, at mid-night. The tickets always sold-out everytime it was released to the public. Ramen is something very personal and close to his heart.

When Oya planned to open in new York, he volunteered to relocate and make it happen. Once it ran smoothly, he decided it was time to move on. Before he moved to Taiwan, he spent a couple years in Ushiwakamaru in Chelsea, New York as a sushi chef. The restaurant received a Micheline star during his time there. Chef Guchi with his 30 years of culinary experience is going to give you a whole new Modern Japanese dining experience.

.Oya Boston (Opening Chef)
.Guchi’s Midnight Ramen Pop-up (Chef vs. Founder)
.Oya New York (Opening Chef)
.Ushiwakamaru (Chef)
★ The 2017 Michelin Star Rankings for NYC

Sommerlier:Dylan Chu
讓這一餐 更加昇華吧!


.Bellavita a3 Wine Cellar
.L'Air Bistro
.Asia wine institute (AWI)
.WSET level 3

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