Omakase 任信

Omakase aka. Entrust

Omakase is the Japanese tradition of letting the chef decide your dining orders. The word means “I will leave it to you” or “ leave it to the chef”. It’s a fi ne tradition that gives the chef creative freedom and takes the task of decision-making out of the guests hand. Every dish is a work of art with each bite overflowing with flavor and full of contrasting textures.

A World Map on Your Tongue

After the first time Jenn dined at her favorite restaurant in Boston Oya, she believes that a restaurant like that is what Taiwan was missing. Taiwanese people enjoy Japanese food. However, there is nothing special from one Japanese restaurant to another. Jenn managed to convince Chef Guchi to move back to Asia after 20 plus years in the United States to start this project with her.

Chef Guchi is a true culinary artist, he gets his inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Jenn and Chef Guchi are proud Bostonians. Boston clam chowder and the red brick wall behind the sushi bar brings back memory of life in Boston.

Jenn and Chef Guchi want to build a restaurant that they would want to dine at on their days off. They want to show you fine dining can be fun and easygoing. Every single detail of the restaurant reflects a piece of them. Let it be a watermelon chopstick holder to a bowl of ramen in a 17course menu. It is in its place for a reason.

〈Omakase‧任信〉is ready. Are you?